Road to recovery

A Close Call

Life on the streets is hard for stray animals, and for Balu, it nearly ended in tragedy. He was likely hit by a car, leaving him with serious injuries to his wrist and leg. X-rays showed the extent of the damage, and it was clear that Balu would need immediate veterinary attention and surgery.

Trust and Rescue

Rescuing a stray animal is never easy. It requires patience, dedication, and a whole lot of trust-building. Volunteers spent countless hours trying to gain Balu’s trust, leaving food and water out for him, and slowly building a rapport with him. Despite his injuries and the pain he was in, Balu began to trust these humans who were so determined to help him.

The Rescue

Finally, after weeks of patience and dedication, the volunteers were successful. They were able to rescue Balu and get him the veterinary care he needed. He underwent surgery to address his injuries and began the long road to recovery.


The story didn’t end with Balu’s rescue and surgery. Now, our volunteers are working hard to rehabilitate him. Rehabilitation is a crucial part of a rescued animal’s journey. It’s during this stage that they learn to trust humans again, regain their strength, and, in Balu’s case, learn to use their injured limbs again.

Balu’s Journey

Balu’s journey is one of resilience and rehabilitation. From being a stray on the streets to being hit by a car, rescued, and now rehabilitated, Balu’s story is a testament to the determination and kindness of people who dedicate their lives to helping animals in need.

Your Support

Your support allows us to rescue and rehabilitate more dogs like Balu. Each donation, each share of our mission, each volunteer hour spent, contributes to saving more lives. Join us in our mission to give homeless dogs a new beginning.