Have you got a few free hours during the week or on weekends? Come help out at the shelter! That way our animals will have more attention and a better quality of life.

Our dogs need exercise to stay healthy and we are always in need of walkers. Volunteers also clean kennels, give cuddles, brush the dogs, and help keep the shelter organized.

Join us in this challenging, but highly rewarding work.

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You can protect and pamper one of our animals with a monthly contribution of €8, €12 or €22. It will help with feeding, vaccination and deworming of the animal. Higher monthly donations help cover the cost of spaying or neutering and other necessary medical care. Stable monthly support is essential to keep serving our dogs. We welcome sponsors to visit the shelter for a walk and cuddle with the dogs.

Simply download the sponsorship form below, fill it out, and send it to amigo.fiel3@gmail.com

Download the sponsorship form

Become an association member

Amigo Fiel is only been able to survive thanks to people who trust in our work. Your monetary support is used entirely for the benefit of the animals in our care.

Anyone can be an association member. The annual coast is €18 which amounts to just €1.50 per month. To become a member, just download the form below, fill it out, and email it to amigo.fiel3@gmail.com. Please include information about your payment method.

Download the membership application

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Make a donation

Your generous donations keep our dogs healthy. Veterinary care is one of the biggest expenses for Amigo Fiel. We cover the regular costs of spaying and neutering the animals, deworming, and vaccinations. In addition, we care for many SOS cases. These are animals that have been injured or suffer from serious illnesses. Without your help, these animals would not receive the care they so desperately need. And of course we need wet and dry food (our furry friends also enjoy treats!) We often care for several litters of abandoned puppies, so special puppy food is also appreciated.

And we are always in need of used blankets, towels, and sheets. Plastic dog beds, doghouses, collars, leashes, dog shampoo and, toys are also appreciated.

For cleaning and disinfecting the shelter we need bleach, multi-use cleaning products for the floors and walls, clothing detergent and dishwashing soap.

You can drop off donations at the shelter or at the Town Hall in Bombarral (Junta de Freguesia de Bombarral).

The dogs of Amigo Fiel thank you for your generosity and support.

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