Bart’s Rescue & Recovery Bart is a 10-year-old rescue dog who has captured the hearts of everyone at our animal shelter. When he was found on the streets, he was so malnourished that he had a stomach full of sticks and stones. It was clear that he had been living a life of hardship and …

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Support Amigo Fiel dogs by visiting our stand at the Bombarral monthly market or purchasing items from our Facebook Marketplace page.

Rescuing a stray animal is never easy. It requires patience, dedication, and a whole lot of trust-building. Volunteers spent countless hours trying to gain Balu’s trust, leaving food and water out for him, and slowly building a rapport with him. Despite his injuries and the pain he was in, Balu began to trust these humans who were so determined to help him.

Arturo’s journey is one that will touch your heart and inspire your soul. This lovable rescue dog was almost at death’s door when he was discovered by the volunteers at Amigo Fiel. He was starving and in dire need of medical attention. Thankfully, he was in the right hands and received the care he needed …

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Some dogs spend months or even years at the shelter. These dogs are often make the most loving and loyal pets. Please consider adopting one of our long stay dogs.

Ser Voluntário!, Be a Volunteer! Se gosta de animais e tem algum tempo livre para lhes dedicar, junte-se a nós!  Looking to volunteer and make a positive impact in the Silver Coast community? Join us at Amigo Fiel dog shelter in Bombarral and help care for our furry friends in need. Our shelter provides a …

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These puppies were abandoned in a field near Bombarral. Our volunteers rescued these tiny animals and cared for them from bottle to bowl. Now they’re ready for adoption! Are you ready for the challenge of adopting a puppy?

Visit the monthly flea market in Bombarral and support our Amigo Fiel shelter dogs. Please donate items to sell at the market and raise funds to feed our dogs and pay for veterinary care.

A veterinary nursing student from Denmark reflects on her experience as a volunteer at Amigo Fiel dog shelter in Bombarral, Portugal.

Association Amigo Fiel’s latest project connects rescue dogs with struggling teens. Together they create magical moments and form bonds.